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Browsing around for a great venue in which to celebrate your 50th birthday party? Reaching your half-century is cause enough to raise a glass (or two), so just use our search function to browse a few party venues and we can help you pick out an excellent space in no time.

You might be in the mood for cocktails and canapés, or – if your birthday is in the summer – you might enjoy hiring a venue with a large courtyard and garden. However you feel like celebrating the big five-zero, just browse the available options and let our venues team handle the rest. 

50th Birthday Party Tips and Ideas

  • The first step is to decide on numbers and dates before making an enquiry into available spaces. Once you've agreed on a location and approximate guest list, you'll get fast responses from the potential venues you want to hire. 
  • If you want an event that's inclusive for all ages, you might prefer to dry hire a flexible space and provide your own food and drink. That way you won't be in a space that's inconvenient for small children to run around in.
  • Try to make room in your budget so that there's money left over to put towards food and drink. Different venues will offer different catering options, so be sure to check what you want ahead of time.
  • It doesn't matter whether it's your 30th birthday party, 40th birthday party or 21st birthday – a good, thoughtful speech is always appreciated. Check with the venue to make sure it has the right audio equipment (such as microphones and speakers) if you plan on delivering a few words.
  • When the time comes to send out invites, why not go through the archives and try to use a newspaper from the day you were born as a backdrop for the invitations?
  • You're never too old to enjoy a night out on the tiles. If you feel like a busy nightclub venue might not be quite right, consider hiring out a VIP area to give your guests a little more room and privacy.
  • Do you want to enjoy a bit of a nostalgia trip as part of the festivities? Why not set a party theme which matches the decade you grew up in? 

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