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Check our selections of popular 70th birthday party venues

Arriving at your 70th birthday is quite an achievement: you've got a lot to look back on and celebrate with friends and family. At Zipcube, we want you to enjoy a truly special day, so we've brought together a range of unforgettable venues in which you can gather with your nearest and dearest.

Do you plan on making your 70th birthday party as raucous and fun as an 18th birthday party? Are you just as fired up for a good time as you were when it was your 30th birthday party? Our search function is simple and easy to use, so just check through our recommended party venues and let one of our bookings team know when you've found a venue you'd like to hire.

70th Birthday Party: Tips and Ideas

Just because you've reached an advanced age, that doesn't mean you don't know a thing or two about cutting loose and being merry. This is a time to celebrate the years gone by and raise a glass with the people you care about the most: 

  • It's not uncommon to feel reticent about having a birthday party when you're older. For various reasons, the person whose birthday it is might not feel like celebrating. Here are two excellent articles about how to approach a 70th birthday if you're organising it on behalf of a friend or relative: one from the Guardian and one from the Telegraph.
  • You might not want to stay up til dawn at a nightclub venue, but a lavish meal with plenty of friends and family is still a good way to mark the occasion. Take a look at one of our banquet halls if you feel in the mood for an extravagant meal with lots of food and drink.
  • If you're expecting quite a few elderly guests then travel arrangements could be very important. Be sure to check whether your venue is accessible by car and whether there are parking spaces available nearby.
  • Reaching a 70th birthday means having lived through plenty of great musical hits and trends, you could hire a DJ and ask them to play some of your favourite musical highlights from over the last six decades. After all, enjoying a spot of nostalgia every now and then never hurt anyone.
  • Depending on the age range of people attending, then the timing of your event might be quite tricky. Organising something in the early afternoon might be easiest as it'll leave plenty of time for travelling to and from the venue.  


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