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Finishing a stressful project in a week or two and looking for an after-work venue in London which can accommodate the celebrations amongst all your team-mates and colleagues? Or maybe you've just completed your annual reports and reviews and fancy booking a venue for the whole office to unwind in? 

Zipcube has some great pubs and bars all over London which are perfect for demobbing and relaxing in after a challenging day. Our party venues team can help with your booking, so all you have to do is search for the perfect spot and let us know where you want your work party to take place.

After-Work Party Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

Not only is it good for morale to get everyone from the office to socialise and relax, it's also good for business! More relaxed, happy employees are more productive, so there's really no reason not to book an after-work bar or pub. Here's a few recommendations:

  • Make sure to book somewhere close by to your office: your staff or colleagues wont want to travel far after a long day, and it will make life easier for those who can only stay for a short while after work.
  • Encourage people to enjoy a drink and relax, but make it clear that consuming alcohol is not mandatory.
  • Opening a bar tab and putting a few drinks on the company credit card is a good way to make people feel valued. However, it's also a good idea to decide on a spending limit, ahead of time, before you give everyone the go-ahead.
  • Drinks tend to be welcome, but it can also be nice to provide a social focus other than drinking and chatting. We have a great selection of bowling alley venues and karaoke bar venues for hire, if you'd like to consider some other options.
  • If you still want a few extra tips and recommendations, take a look at this list of dos and don'ts for after-work drinks.

There are plenty of great bar hire venues in London to browse through and decide amongst on Zipcube. From Zone 1 to Zone 3, and even further out, we've got you and your work mates sorted.

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