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party · Cut & Grind
main space
A men's barber shop and coffee lounge situated in the heart of Covent Garden, designed and filled with original brickwork, vintage pieces, hidden doorways and much more. Cut & Grind offers two floors of unique interior design and decor perfect for anything and everything from parties and events to photo-shoots and filming. This is no ordinary venue. Given the diverse nature of the venue's space and interior, it is ideal for a range of uses, from filming and photo shoots, to art exhibitions and private functions (including parties, conferences, networking events and pop-ups). The venue has a range of electrical points making it highly functional for film and photography crews to set up their equipment. Additionally, the large windows allow a lot of natural light into the venue to assist when shooting and not to mention the plentiful available storage space. As the venue has two floors, it is very ergonomic for users, allowing them to make full use of the space with a range of available backdrops. The range of brickwork, different walls and interior design that fill the venue, make it perfect for art exhibitions and shows also. With plenty of available space, users are not only able to comfortably display their work but also manage to create an environment for their guests that allows them to roam free with ease whilst enjoying the work on display. Features & Attributes include: Cellar for Stock Coat Hangers Coffee Machine & Counter Plenty of Exposed Brick Plenty of Furniture Plenty of Shelf Space Two Floors Two Toilets Vintage Stations Wifi / Internet Access Large Window Display Furniture (Sofas, Chairs, Tables) Accessible Fridge
£240per hour · Up to 120 people
party · Egg London
The Garden
A cool and unique venue in Kings Cross, Egg LDN is an intimate location that has room to accommodate up to 1,400 people. There’s a an outstanding array of lightning and sound features built into the facility. Spanning a total of five interior areas, and four outside spaces, it’s the perfect place for any event, at any time of year. Tastefully decorated, the place can still be themed to suit, and is capable of hosting any sort of theme. Guests will be impressed with the space, and find more than enough room to mingle, while still being able to get out and show off their cool dance moves. Winners of the ‘Coolest Multi-Purpose Venue’ at the Cool Venue Awards 2015 and ‘Coolest Temporary Structure’ 2016 and firmly established in the London nightlife scene, Egg LDN has secured its place as a successful corporate playground, playing host to many different private functions from intimate product launches, networking events and board meetings to full on themed parties for a range of clients. Egg LDN is a versatile and eclectic venue with state of the art sound and lighting, always keeping design and aesthetics at the forefront. The rebranding and renovation of Egg LDN's loft and roof terrace, VR5, and the newly extended second outside terrace, are some examples of the venues continuous strive to stay ahead in a competitive market place. It’s time to step out of the box and work with a versatile venue with a twist. Let the team lead you into a land of fantasy and fun. A venue perfect for summer and winter events and designed to cater for your needs whatever they may be. The nearest station in Kings Cross station with Caledonian road just around the corner. It is a short 8 minute walk from the station through Granary Square. It is also easily accessible with a 24hr bus (390) stopping directly outside the venue. After your events we organise for a license taxi firm to be on hand for any drop offs.
£1400per day · Up to 300 people
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Want to find a venue for your Bloggers event in London? No problem at all, we can sort you out. Our search function lets your browse through a great variety of hip, contemporary spaces as well as some rather fancy, vintage rooms. Whatever atmosphere you're interested in, we can help you find a venue to suit.

The expert training rooms team at Zipcube are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get sorted with the perfect blogger's event space. We'll liaise with the venue and make sure to finalise all the details on your behalf: laying down the groundwork so that you can get busy prepare the running order and schedule for the event itself.

Bloggers Event Tips and Ideas 

There are some really great venues for you to get excited about on our website, but before you begin your selection be sure to check the following points:

  • What sort of budget are you working with? It really isn’t an issue if you are working on a tight budget or don't have one at all, we've got venues for everyone to choose from.
  • Bear in mind the number of people you plan on inviting to the event, or is this event open to all? Do you think that your event will grow over the time of being there?
  • Consider the location you have chosen, do you think that the venue is appropriate and convenient for everyone to get to on time? Remember that some people may have to travel quite a way to attend!

With this type of event it might be a good idea to select a venue which has some tech equipment and facilities. With the tech literate nature of a bloggers crowd to contend with, you'll want to make sure you've got a few things covered:

  • Will you need to get a mic to address your crowd? This really depends on the size of your venue and audience.
  • Do you need a stage at all? Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a speaker panel at your event for an engaging discussion between speaker guests and audience.
  • Will you need a projector and some screens to do some live demonstrations?
  • Think whether you want to do a live stream or broadcast of such an event. You would need cameras and lights set up.

When it comes to the exact room itself, think about some of the options we provide to give you an idea of what to look for: 

  • Conference venues or conference centres.
  • Theatre venues.
  • Banqueting halls and general halls for gatherings and meetings.
  • Maybe you want something a bit outside of the ordinary? An outdoor venue on a lawn could be a good idea, just have some lights and a marquee set up if you plan on going late or are worried about the weather.
  • Or what about having a bloggers event in a London penthouse venue with a view looking out across the capital? Have your guests climb to the very top of a building before discussing all the latest ideas and information to do with blogging.

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