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Thinking of hosting a cabaret event in London and need a venue? If so, Zipcube can help you find a perfect late-night space in which to put on an almighty show. It might be a burlesque performance, circus themed club night or a risqué bingo evening: whatever you're looking to organise, we can help.

Our expert party venues team are also on hand to assist with your enquiry, so if you encounter any troubles, we'll liaise with the venue itself and make them disappear. We take care of all the boring stuff so that you can focus on running an amazing cabaret night instead!

Cabaret Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

Finding a space to accommodate the gymnastics and (perhaps) oddity of a cabaret performance isn't always easy, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the venue understands what your requirements are. If you have dancers who need a lot of space and whose shoes might mark the floor, let them know. If you're organising a drag cabaret night which might surprise some of the locals, it's better to be up-front about it.
  • If your night is going to involve some manner of erotic performance, it's also a good idea to signal that to the venue (and reference it in any promotional material) before you finalise the booking.
  • Finding a director and performers is also challenging, assuming you're starting something from scratch. It might save you a lot of time if you speak to the organisers of a pre-existing cabaret night and try to get some advice on how they developed their show and how long it took.

If you want to look at the rest of our performance spaces in London or nightclub venues, then please do. If your night is something quite alternative, then you might need to consider some unusual spaces as well.

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