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Are you hoping to find a civil ceremony venue in London to commemorate reaching the next stage of your relationship? First things first – congratulations! We'll need to set you up with the best possible space. Whether you want a small intimate ceremony with only your closest and most intimate friends and family, or a large venue which can accommodate hundreds: we'll be able to make it happen.

Zipcube's expert wedding venues team have gathered together some great spaces for you to browse through, located all across the capital. From cool, quirky venues to converted chapel venues which would be perfect for any kind of ceremony. Let us liaise with the venues on your behalf and make the arrangements.

London Civil Ceremony Venues: Tips and Ideas 

Planning a civil ceremony is really no different to planning a wedding, although a few differences will make themselves known. We've put together a list of recommendations for you to check through:

  • A civil partnership, just like a marriage, requires 28 days notice which has to be given to your local Registrar's Office. It doesn't matter where the ceremony itself will take place – it's your local registry office who need to be informed of it.
  • On the day itself, the Registrar will conduct a brief interview to make sure that everything is in order and double-check a few legal requirements.
  • The couple themselves are encouraged to incorporate as many personal touches into the ceremony as they can. This can include readings, songs and vows, provided by friends and family members. Have a good think about passages from books, songs, poems, plays or films that you find especially moving. Or you can ask someone you are close to, to write a special tribute themselves.
  • Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to book your venue before sending out invites. A 'Save the Date' letter or email is a good way to let everyone know about your intentions without having to commit to a particular space too early.
  • Just because this is a civil ceremony, that doesn't mean things have to be informal. Let everyone know what sort of dress code you would like guests to observe and make sure the big day is as ceremonious as can be.

If you'd still like some further advice on how to get everything together, read this article on Planning a Civil Ceremony.

We've got a fantastic selection of other ceremony venues as well as unusual wedding venues which might be perfect for your needs.

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