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Check our selections of popular Fashion Event Venues

Want to hold a dazzling fashion event in London – in a glamorous venue – but don't know where to start? Let Zipcube help you find the perfect space for your celebration of all things chic and couture. Our search engine allows you to browse and compare different spaces with the utmost ease and simplicity.

Do you want to show off a luxurious fashion event with a venue to match? Or, do you want to have an eccentric, unorthodox venue which has your guests clueless as to what to expect? No matter what, Zipcube's conference venues team can help you find a fashion venue which will impress and delight all the fashionistas and design mavens in attendance.

Fashion Event Venues: Tips and Ideas 

  • Style is crucial for events which have a focus on all things fashionable. If you want to get all the little details just right, make sure to have a careful tour of different venues and make notes on ways in which you could utilise the space and decorate different areas.
  • Do you require a catwalk? Or will this be more of a loose event with models and clothes circulating in a different way? Whatever your plans, make sure to check that the venue has the sort of space you need and that it's possible to adapt it accordingly.
  • Will you have quite a few VIPs? If this is an exclusive event then you'll want to make sure that you have a well-drilled event staff and people on the door with explicit instructions.
  • Generating an atmosphere that fits the theme of your fashion show is one of the most important aspects of running an event such as this. You might feel tempted to go in for a big spectacle (hiring fire-breathers and acrobats, say), but if the clothing on show itself is quite demure and understated then a more minimalist approach can create an equally captivating ambiance.
  • If you really want to make a statement, then have a think about using one of our unusual space venues. These distinctive spaces are so full of character and intrigue, they can set your event off to a great start simply by being such a talking point.

Not sure whether or not you've found the right place to host the fashion event of the century? If you still need a super stylish venue, but haven't been able to shortlist quite enough, then please have a look through our gallery hire venues and ballroom hire venues in London.

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