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A forum can be an extremely useful event when in an appropriate venue. Well, fortunately for you we’ve put together a great selection of options for you to pick from! Here at Zipcube we know a thing or two about having a successful forum so we’ve put together some tips and ideas for you to check out! With so many venues popping up across London we can sort you out with a venue in no time at all! So don’t hold back and get on our easy to use search engine and find your perfect venue, whether it be a quirky venue hiding in the many nooks and crannys or if it’s in one of the most famous buildings in the capital! Remember that we are offering to help you out and deal with the stressful process of booking a venue on your behalf. 

Forum Tips and Ideas 

  • There are all kinds of venues available for you here at Zipcube, but before we get into the search make sure you have some of these points already clear in your thoughts! 
  • What kind of budget are you working with? It honestly doesn’t matter if you are going all out on your venue or if you are on a slightly tight budget, we have a venue for you! Prices will fluctuate when choosing what time and day and where abouts you want to be located. 
  • How many people do you think you will invite to your venue? Think about this carefully as you don’t want your room to be crammed as well as some people standing due to a lack of chairs and desk space. 
  • What sort of location would suit everyone best? Do you think everyone will be able to get there relatively easily without the fear of being horrendously late. 

Find the correct forum venue for you by searching for something that fits your theme. What sort of forum are you trying to have? 

  • Decide if you want to find a modern, updated, tech type of room compared to a vintage, quirky room which is bursting with character. The choice is yours! There are tons of things to use a forum room for. 
  • Perhaps you want to have your gaming forum together to discuss new upcoming releases?
  • Have your business meeting in a forum style with the use of webcams to discuss options with your clients or colleagues overseas. 

Once you find a few venues which are appealing to you, think about what kind of equipment you might want to get your hands on. 

  • Will you need a projector? 
  • A mic to discuss things with the crowd? It really depends on the size of the audience. Forums are normally quite small. 
  • The use of a webcam to talk to people away from the room. 
  • You might want think about having live stream of what you do so others can join in with a forum chat. 

Be creative and think outside the box if you are really struggling. But, remember that we are willing to help you sort out your venue and take away the hassle of booking with the venue! So what are you waiting for! Hire a space with Zipcube today! 

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