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At Zipcube, we want you to enjoy peace of mind and know that your deceased friend or family member had a fitting send off. We understand that this is a moment when people will come together to pay their respects and offer one another their support. It's important that the funeral wake venue be welcoming and peaceful, and we've got a wide selection of spaces for you to browse and consider.

Zipcube's search function will let you browse many venues in London with good sized reception layouts which may be ideal for such an event. We know this will be a tough time, and planning an event like this can be an emotional challenge. That's why our party venue team are on hand to help you with the arrangements.

What Do I Need to Know Before Hiring A Funeral Wake Venue in London?

  • It can be difficult to determine this ahead of time – as some people may come along to a wake unannounced or last minute – however, it's important to get a rough idea of how many people your chosen venue will need to accommodate.
  • Food and drink are often provided by the venue, but you might prefer to make your own arrangements. If so, check with the venue and look into the ease of bringing your own selection of refreshments or hiring an outside catering team.
  • A wake is a time to celebrate someone's life, and as part of the reminiscences, people may want to share a few words or bring along photos. It's a nice touch to have a photo slideshow or allow people to make speeches. Check ahead of time that the venue has a projector or speaker system if this is something you plan on incorporating into the wake.
  • There's no set rule as to how long after the funeral itself the wake should take place. You might wish to travel to the wake venue immediately after the service, or you might prefer to wait a few hours. It's entirely up to you.
  • Flowers and other decorations will make all the difference in how the funeral wake venue looks. You may want to arrange these with a favourite florist. 
  • Wakes can be very busy occasions and you may not get a chance to speak to everyone. It can be a nice touch to provide a book where those attending can put their condolences and thoughts down in writing.
  • Grief is a very difficult thing. If you're finding things tough, speak to someone and consider browsing websites which offer advice on coping with bereavement.

If you want to browse various venues which might be suitable for hosting a wake, you can also take a look at our bar hire venues, pub venues, cafe venues and private party venues.

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