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Getting the gang back together? If you want to get away from that business, corporate, meeting room vibe then a gathering might be the exact spot for you to get things started. Zipcube has some great spots all over the capital which are bound to be a fit for whatever you are looking for, whether it be a quirky and cool gathering room with bean bags or if you want a modern, contemporary vibe with orthopedic chairs. We can sort you out with your ideal gathering point in no time so get on top of it now! 

Gathering Tips and Ideas 

  • Make sure that when picking a location that it is convenient for everyone. Are you having all your friends from school come together? Be aware that they may have moved away and have to travel quite far. You don’t want your guests traveling all day and turn up late. 
  • Find a venue that does catering perhaps. If you get catering then you might want to check with everyone on what kind of food they would like. Also if the venue doesn’t have a catering service then see if they will allow you to have an external team show up. 

Struggling for ideas for your gathering? Here are some for you get you started. 

  • Are you meeting your best mates for a lunch or dinner? Have some private dining at your next event at a restaurant in locations all over London from Chelsea to Stratford. 
  • Want to meet everyone from your local football, hockey, rugby or cricket team to watch some film from the weekend and do some analysis? You might want a projector and a classroom style layout. Remember to make the most of facilities and equipment so that you can maximise the use of your room! 
  • Maybe you are part of a committee or a group of some sort and need to discuss the future plans and direction you want to take. 

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