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Are you searching around for a gay wedding venue in London that is accommodating for same-sex couples? If so, you're in luck. At Zipcube, we understand that a lot of wedding venues are geared towards heterosexual couples who don't have quite as much to think about as LGBTQ couples might: the whole tradition is so focused on an old fashioned bride and groom that certain things won't even occur to some venues.

It seems crazy that same-sex marriage only just became legal in the UK in 2014. But it's understandable that the wedding event industry has taken a while to catch up and make adjustments. We've put together a collection of venues that are sensitive to some of the specific requirements of a gay wedding ceremony. Just browse through our search function, and let our bookings team handle your request.

Gay Wedding Venues: Tips and Ideas

London is a very progressive city and, thankfully, you wont be short of options when looking for venues which can accommodate a same-sex wedding ceremony. We've put together a few tips and ideas to help as you start to make plans:

  • As with any event, deciding on a guest list and arranging a 'Save the Date' is a crucial pre-planning stage before you start looking at possible venues.
  • The most popular wedding venues can be booked up as far as a year in advance, so it's important to give yourself plenty of time if you've got your heart set on a very particular type of space.
  • A lot of venues will provide their own in-house catering service, but if you've got something a bit special in mind – and want to bring in an external catering team – then you should check to see whether that fits with your chosen venue's policy.
  • Do you want live music or a DJ, or perhaps both? The entertainment is an important element of your big day so make sure to budget accordingly: hiring musicians can be a bit pricey.
  • Do you want everything to happen all on one day or do you want a build-up event and a morning-after extravaganza? There are plenty of options to look through for a wedding breakfast venue or a wedding dinner venue if you want to book-end your big day with extra festivities. 

What Do I Need to Think About for a Gay Wedding?

Not interested in the heavily gendered idea of brides and grooms? Feel a little uninspired by the way a traditional wedding ceremony is arranged? We've put together a list of ideas for a wedding service with a difference:

  • If you're not sure how to arrange the procession down the aisle because there's no bride (or, perhaps you've got two of them), then you have a few choices. You can walk down the aisle together, or try to arrange a different seating plan which allows for two aisles. This is where hiring an unusual wedding venue or a unique wedding venue may be important, as they can be more accommodating.
  • The idea of brides-maids and grooms-men are becoming increasingly old-fashioned. Thanks to an increasingly open, flexible approach to the ceremony, it's entirely up to you whether you have grooms-women, brides-men or take an entirely non-gendered approach.
  • Deciding what to wear during an LGBTQ ceremony can also be a bit tricky. If the idea of gowns and suits doesn't really appeal, you should feel free to deviate from the norm and do whatever feels comfortable. The most important thing is that you celebrate your special day in a way that feels right for you.
  • A lot of marriage traditions (including the terms 'husband' and 'wife') are organised along conventional gender lines. Everything from deciding whose family contributes to the cost of the ceremony and reception, to deciding who will give a speech can be based on gender roles which may feel inappropriate. The only rule to follow is: do whatever feels comfortable and arrange things accordingly. 

Is There Anything Else to Know Before Planning a Same-sex Wedding?

If you still have a few unanswered questions regarding gay weddings, lesbian weddings or any other LGBTQ-related wedding issue, then we can suggest a few places to turn:

  • This article from The Guardian entitled 'Our Gay Wedding' is a thoughtful piece of writing that may be helpful.
  • You may find this website, from the Gay Wedding Institute, quite useful and informative as well.

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