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Been caught singing in the shower a few too many times and now you feel like it’s time to put your lungs to the test? A karaoke night could be the perfect way to decide amongst your friends who the real torch singer is and who can hardly hold a tune. Here at Zipcube, we love a good singalong, so we've gathered together a great selection of karaoke venues for you to hire out for the evening.

Select a time and date, make an enquiry and then let our party venues team handle the rest. Minimal fuss, minimal hassle. Just invite a few friends along and get ready to sing your heart out.

Karaoke Venues: Tips and Ideas 

  • Karaoke isn't just reserved for drunken office parties or a late night after-party, singing a few songs and working up the crowd can be a great way to enjoy a 30th birthday party or a Bachelor party.
  • We all need a little Dutch courage from time to time, but try not to overdo it on the drink before picking up the microphone. The crowd will want to see you busting out a few stage moves without staggering around and slurring your words.
  • A bit of practice never hurts. Do you have plans to wow the crowd with your rendition of Tina Turner's 'Private Dancer'? Some of the vocal acrobatics might be a touch easier if you can give them a run-through the night before.
  • Not so sure about taking the stage all on your own? If you'd like a bit of moral support, it might be an idea to try a duet. Some karaoke classics designed for two voices include: 'Islands in the Stream' by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, and 'Dream a Little Dream of Me' by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.
  • Thinking about going for food after your talent competition? Try looking up one or two private dining rooms or restaurant venues.
  • The best karaoke venues will let you hire out your own personal room in which to sing, so you won't have to feel too self-conscious before a crowd of strangers. Make sure to share the microphone around though, so that everyone gets a chance to sing their heart out.

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