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Get personalised help from our team!

Zipcube can help you to find your ideal meeting room in Birkenhead. We've designed a simple-to-use search tool which allows you to browse the available spaces and locate a conference room or meeting venue, in no time at all. Our expert meeting rooms team are also on hand to assist with your enquiry, so all you have to do is make a selection and we'll be there to bring things together.

Whether you've got an annual general meeting coming up or need a boardroom style venue in which to win over some possible investors in your next big enterprise – Zipcube have you covered.

Meeting Rooms Birkenhead: Tips and Ideas

The logistics of arranging a meeting can be tough, so we've put together a simple checklist to look through. If you can tick these questions off as you go through the preparations, you'll be in good stead for when the day comes.

  • How many hours do you expect the meeting to last and how likely is it to overrun? Even the best planned meetings can take longer than expected, so make sure your venue are amenable to that outcome or just book it out for the entire afternoon/morning, so that time is less of an issue.
  • Have you made arrangements for beverages and good to be served? If your meeting is early doors, your clients or colleagues might not have had a chance to grab a tea or coffee, so you'll want those available at the very beginning of the meeting. Biscuits and pastries will always be welcome if the meeting is due to last for longer than an hour or two.
  • What sort of layout do you need? Theatre? Boardroom? U-Shape?
  • If you have to teleconference someone in another country, make sure that the venue has a good high-speed internet connection. There's nothing more frustrating than losing connection midway through an important discussion.

If you're still unsure about what type of venue to hire, then take a look at some other meeting space options. Birkenhead also has cheap meeting rooms, cool and quirky meeting rooms and hotel meeting rooms on offer. Have a browse and review the different choices!

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