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Are you trying to find a glorious open air venue in London? Nothing can quite compare to the pleasure of feeling a cool breeze across your skin as you stand on a terrace or rooftop bar with a glass of something delicious in your hand. When the weather is fine, getting out into the open air is a real joy, which is why we're delighted to present you with a great choice of different venues across the capital which let you do just that.

We know that, come the summertime, everyone in London wants to soak up as much sun as possible, which is why our search engine will let you find a venue and make an enquiry with the utmost ease and simplicity. Our dedicated party venues team are on hand to assist with the enquiry so all you have to do is let us know what you want and we can finalise things on your behalf.

Open Air Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

  • Do you have a back-up plan for in case it rains? Just because the sky is mostly cloudless, you can never entirely rule out the possibility of rain in the UK. Most venues will have a covered area, but if your venue is really open air you might want to bring along a spare canopy or tarpaulin to provide some impromptu shelter.

  • What if it's too sunny? I know that might seem like a paradox, but when the weather gets really hot it's important to take precautions. Have plenty of suntan lotion to hand for those sun worshippers who might forget to wear some and make sure there are plenty of jugs of water doing the rounds for everyone to drink.

  • What about some music? Nothing complements a nice sunny day quite so perfectly as a great mix of relaxed songs and chilled instrumental pieces. Hiring musicians to play – acoustic guitar perhaps, or something a little jazzy – is idyllic, but a small portable set of speakers and a well-chosen playlist will do the trick just as well.

  • Will insects start to bother you? Along with hay fever, perhaps the biggest irritation that outdoor party venues have to contend with come in the shape of winged creatures and other bugs. Having a citronella candle or incense burning will deter them, but insect repellent spray is also useful to keep close by.

If you need to get into the great outdoors while you drink, dance and party, then you could also take a look at our garden party venues. A fine stretch of weather can be such a rarity in the capital that it's only natural you'll want to make the most of it. Some of our terrace venues also provide a great way to soak up the rays and enjoy the pleasant summer atmosphere.

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