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If you want to host a memorable party in an unusual space, it doesn’t get much more distinctive than a party bus. Whether open-top or just plain old double-decker, a party bus hire gives you a venue on wheels that lets you enjoy the sights of London while sipping drinks and chatting with guests. No matter whether you’re planning a Bat Mitzvah or someone’s 30th birthday, Zipcube have a great selection of rental options which will show good times the green light.


Party Bus Tips and Ideas 

  • The first step in organising a party is to work out the budget and prioritise where funds will be spent. Don’t worry if you haven't got all the money in the world to spend on your booking, there will always be party venues available which suit your plans. 

  • Time spent working on the details of your guest list is always time well spent. Do you want to invite the entire office along for the ride or just close friends and family? The more accurate an idea of numbers you have, the easier it is to find a venue that’s just right for the occasion.

  • Are you making the most of your chosen venue? A party bus will let you play out all sorts of scenarios. You and your friends can go crazy on the top deck and celebrate like you just won the FA Cup with your Sunday League team. If you just got engaged and want the whole city to know about it, you can design large signs and parade them from Liverpool Street to Shepherd’s Bush.

  • A celebration on wheels doesn’t just have to be for adults either, there are children’s party buses which will let the kids play games on board as well as doing some sightseeing.

  • Whatever the occasion, a themed party is always a lot of fun. You could make the most of your vehicular venue by coming up with a bus-related theme. How about The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour? Or a ‘Victory Parade’ theme?

  • Make sure to check whether the bus has its own sound system or whether you’ll need to bring some speakers. The atmosphere won’t be complete until you can crank out some music on your inner city joy ride.

  • Do you want to be on the bus for the entire time or are you curious about stopping along the way for a pub or bar crawl? It could make a big difference if you’re paying an hourly rate, and you’ll have to choose destinations with plenty of parking space.

  • If you're not sure about hiring a party venue on wheels, then perhaps an evening party venue or a party hall would be a better choice.

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