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Organising a conference, symposium or seminar takes a lot of planning and not least when it comes to picking out a great venue in which to host your speaker event.

thinking and a great deal of planning. There are some stunning venues available for such events throughout the London region which are bound to be perfect for you! Our team at Zipcube have put together the best selection of rooms to make your lives that bit easier and furthermore we are willing to do the hard and boring part by dealing with the booking for you! All we need from you is your key requirements for your particular venue. 

We understand that planning such an event can be stressful and frustrating so we want you to concentrate on what's important. No matter whether you need a large conference room to address a big audience or if you require a small seminar space to get your point across, Zipcube has the best venues for you. When you have such an event you might want a speaker panel in order to have a structured discussion with the audience, this can be very engaging if you execute it correctly. 

Speaker Panel Tips and Ideas 

Want to have an engaging conference in London but aren’t quite sure how to get started? Look no further and jump on our easy to use search engine and find the ideal venue for you in a matter of a few clicks! Ranging from well established hotel conference rooms to tiny little venues hiding in the nooks and crannies of the capital we’ve got it. 

Also if money is an issue and you want to find a venue that is affordable then don’t fret, we have venues which come at a brilliant price which stand out with as much character and poise as the last one. Be sure to check out our top venues at the beginning of your search as you may well find a venue which is a perfect fit.

  • Here are some ideas to bare in mind if you’re struggling. 
  • Have your conference room in an unusual or unique venue which has all your guests talking for weeks about how different the experience was. 
  • Browse through our selection of corporate styled conference and seminar rooms which are great for having that vital discussion with the company. 
  • What about a conference room with an entertainment factor, like team building activities and guests. Guest speakers can be a huge attraction for your event. 
  • Zipcube understands that when it comes to such events you want your audience engaged and focus on what is being presented. It’s important to set up a game plan to execute a successful event as well as having your speaker panel speakers and guests have a lot of relevant information for your audience and carry some confidence! The last thing you want is your audience snoozing or even getting up and leaving! 
  • It might be a good idea to check the material with such speakers beforehand, or if you are presenting on your own, have someone go over your material to make sure it reads well and is in good structure. Be aware of the structure of your event, making time for you to give background information of yourself, have time to answer questions at the end and allow attendees to reach you through email, phone or social media after the event for further feedback. 
  • Is a conference room not the right venue you need? Perhaps it would be more beneficial for you to have a convention centre. There are a number of reasons for holding a convention such as fan conventions for sci-fi films and shows, which you could potentially have a speaker panel talk at the end of the show and have an overall round up with a big question and answer session. 
  • Still not what you were thinking? How about a symposium which would allow you have a large group discussion, throwing idea after idea back and forth! This particular venue could be great for a teacher or a professor who is in debate about a particular topic and wants their students to voice their opinions.
  • Whatever you are looking for, our team have put together a grand list of venues which are bound to be ideal for you.
  • Remember that planning is the key to such successful events, check this list to ensure things run smoothly. 
  • Try and get hold of guest speakers sooner rather than later as better guests might require a few months notice. 
  • Advertise your event months in advance to get the best turn out possible, you don’t want people to hear about it a week before and already have plans! 
  • Will you need equipment from such an event? Like, lights, tables, chairs, a speaker panel!? Remember not to assume that this stuff will be available and check in advance to make sure there are no problems from the start of the event. Depending on the size of your venue you might want to use mics and a sound system to allow everyone to hear, it would be a shame to travel all that way to be at the back of the venue and not hear anything! 
  • Figure out what your budget is as soon as pos

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