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At Zipcube, we know exactly what you want for your 16th birthday bash, especially when it comes to hiring a great venue which lets you gather all your friends together in one place. Our website carries a great selection of birthday party venues across London which you can enjoy on this very special occasion.

Using our search tool, it couldn't be easier to browse through available spaces and find a venue in which to celebrate turning sixteen. Our expert party venues team are on hand to assist with your enquiry and offer advice. If you're worried about licensing requirements for any guests who are under-18 or are unsure about what size of venue to book, you can speak to us online or call directly.

We want your sixteenth birthday celebrations to be grand and exciting, so we will happily go the extra mile to make sure you get a venue that's perfect in every way. 

Sweet 16 Birthday Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

  • Have you thought about having a theme for your party? It might not seem all that grown-up, but having a simple party theme (such as 'Colours' or 'Super Heroes') encourages people to dress up for the occasion and generates excitement.

  • At the age of sixteen, you're not quite old enough to order a drink at a bar or pub which serves alcohol. You are, however, allowed by law to have an alcoholic beverage during a meal if there is someone over-18 with you to order the drinks in question. So, if you'd like to go for a meal to celebrate turning sixteen and being able to legally drink with a meal – take a look at some of our private dining rooms.

  • Because this is a 16th – somewhere between being an adult and a minor – you're in a slightly grey area when it comes to hiring out a bar or nightclub venue. Those venues are subject to certain licensing laws, so you might find it easier to arrange a dry hire venue or cafe venue which will be less strict.

  • Turning sixteen is something of a big deal. It means you can enter paid employment, play the national lottery and even get married (as long as you have parental permission). So it's a good reason to celebrate in style with friends and family.

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