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If your child has reached their teenage years and you want to celebrate by throwing them a party, or perhaps you're an enterprising 13 or 14-year-old who wants to plan their own birthday bash, you can use Zipcube to begin your party preparations. We'll help you to find a great party venue which is suitable for teenagers to have a wonderful time in.

That might mean hiring out a sports hall in London which lets you split into teams and play some games, or it could involve a garden venue which is suitable for other outdoor activities. However you'd like to celebrate reaching your teens, we'll be able to connect you with a great venue thanks to our easy-to-use search tool.

Teen Party Venues in London: Tips and Ideas 

  • Do you have some party games and other activities lined up? Something simple like 'two truths and one lie' is a more grown-up game which is distinct from children's party games.

  • Are you going to advertise your party on social media or Facebook? If this is an invite-only party, just be careful that word doesn't spread – you won't want any gate crashers turning up uninvited. If necessary, it might be an idea to ask for some extra adult help on the door to make sure that doesn't happen.

  • Is this a party for thirteen year-olds or sixteen year-olds? Different age groups will have different expectations and the closer they get to eighteen the more likely that they might expect alcohol to be provided – (they might even bring their own along) – if you have a particular policy on drinking, it's important to make that clear while you're issuing invites. 

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