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Would you like to hire out a village hall somewhere in London? Are you organising a fete or a charity jumble sale? There are all sorts of reasons why you might be looking to hire one, and when you've decided to start searching, that's when you can use Zipcube. We've got a great selection of halls for hire in the capital which you can browse through.

Once you've seen a space you like, you can get in touch with our party venues team for some assistance with making the booking. Whatever it is you require, we'll be more than happy to talk things through and liaise with venues on your behalf. We want you to hire out a space you'll love, so whatever it is you need, we can help to make it happen.

Village Hall Venues in London: Tips and Ideas

  • Are you hiring out a hall in order to organise a fair or market? If you need tables for people to set up stalls, then most hall venues will be able to provide these, though it's worth asking. Some venues might charge you a fee for the use of their equipment.

  • Were you hoping to run some activities or play some games in your hall? Just make sure to check what the venue's policy is with respect to physical activities in the hall (they might need a particular type of insurance in case anyone gets injured). They also might have some policies concerning what type of footwear should be worn when inside.

  • Are you organising a community event or perhaps a charity event? A lot of venues will offer a small discount in their rates for causes that are charitable or based around some form of social enterprise. It's worth asking during your enquiry to see what their policy is.

Are you unsure about whether a village hall might be the right fit? Take a look at our sports halls and banquet halls as well.

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