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Why Zipcube?

Zipcube is the web's first online marketplace to help people find and book short-term meeting, office and event spaces. Our mission is to provide space seekers an easy to use platform with up-to-date venue information that converts users into real-time bookings. Most importantly, we make it easy for users to search and book a space.

How does Zipcube work for venue owners?

Each venue owner will register and start completing the venue registration form to create bookable listing. Zipcube will approve and publish the new listing within 24 hours. After that, Zipcube will either send you direct bookings which you can either accept or reject. We then process the payment and send you the proceeds. There is absolutely no risk.

How much does Zipcube charge for use of the platform?

For users, booking is 100% FREE. For venue owners, It is FREE to list your venue and use our tools. When someone reserves your space, Zipcube withholds a 20% processing fee for the space rental (varies based on venue size). That's it.

Is there a limit to the numbers of spaces that I can post?

No - we don't limit the number or types of spaces we accept in the marketplace. Zipcube supports listing multiple spaces per venue; each space will have its own profile page. For venues with multiple locations, you will need a separate account for each. It's one account per venue!

What are the rules for listing a venue?

Zipcube verifies each venue owners in order to provide the best quality listing. To prevent fraud or abuse, Zipcube reviews every profile for validity and confirms all contact information before making your profile live. Other than that, we only ask that you complete the venue registration by including photos, pricing, and venue amenities. The better your profile, the more likely it is to attract customers.

How do I get paid for reservations?

Zipcube remits all booking proceeds to venues via bank transfer at the beginning of each month. We will ask you who/where to send payment once a booking has been made.

How should I price my venue?

You should price your spaces / offices to be attractive and competitive with other venues. Zipcube is positioned as a marketplace for space and encourages venues to discount when possible. For example, a typical hourly rate for a boardroom space that holds 10 people might be £40/hr, where a typical full-day rate would be £200. Our vision is to provide the best online marketplace to maximise the occupancy rate of each venue.

How long can I list my space?

There is no limit to how long you keep a space active. Our space availability settings includes extensive options for creating timed campaigns, setup bumpers, and free-sell periods.

Does Zipcube have a tool to manage room appointments?

Yes. One of the FREE tools to bookable venues is a space management application that can be used to track both bookings and internal appointments. For example, if you need to book an internal meeting, Zipcube will automatically remove the time from the marketplace schedule.

Does Zipcube help me promote my available spaces?

YES we do. Zipcube gives you unprecedented visibility among space seekers looking for exactly what you provide. We have an extensive SEO/affiliate network that automatically broadcasts all space listings so you receive twice as much exposure from web searches.
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