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How you make money on Zipcube

With Zipcube, enjoy a painless payment system, low fees, and freedom over what you charge.

Simple, seamless payments

Get paid your way—by methods like direct deposit, or others depending on your location.


List your space for free

You can advertise your venue to millions of clients with no strings attached. That means no sign-up charges or membership fees.


Receive a booking or a viewing request

Zipcube charges each client before arrival to ensure you'll always get paid on time. You never have to handle money directly.


Get paid each month

Zipcube typically releases your money at the end of each month for all the bookings scheduled during that period.

We were able to start taking bookings within days, and Zipcube has quickly become a significant extra revenue source.

Peter F, Manager, iCafe

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A great price for every space

Trusted pricing advice

Your charges are up to you. If you want some help, feel free to reach out to our service team to help you find a great and competitive price for every client.

Extra money for services

If you require special pricing for certain days, like after hour bookings, that can be added to the listing. And if you want to provide other services, such as equipment rental, lunch menu, tea and coffee, guests can add these at the checkout.

Customised to your needs

Set custom prices for seasons, weekends, and any other days where you want to control what you charge. You can also provide discounts for recurring customers or charities.

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