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With more customisable options than ever, listing a venue on Zipcube has never been easier. You're just a few steps away from reaching millions of potential clients and earning money from your space.

Control how you list

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You set the rules. Block off dates when you're unavailable and set availability limits without restriction.

Set prices you feel good about

You get to customise your prices to what suits you. Easily add custom details including extra hour fees, discounts, and special prices for specific times of year. Our service team can offer guidance as you decide what works.

Quickly coordinate calendars

To avoid getting caught out, connect your Zipcube calendar with your other online scheduling resources to keep all calendars centralised and automatically up-to-date.

Your space, your rules

To help set expectations, you can add rules that clients must agree to before booking. If a client breaks a rule after they book, you can cancel the reservation without penalty.

Getting started was much easier than I anticipated and the team at Zipcube were there to answer any questions we had. The online system takes care of all of the admin; all we have to do is check our bank account and watch the money roll in.

Justo, Owner, Frequency Coffee Shop

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Guidance to get you set up

As you create your listing, we'll prompt you with questions that customers want to know about when booking. You'll describe your space providing details like amenities, add-ons, and quirks that they can expect.

Tips along the way

If you're having any trouble getting bookings, we'll provide you with advice on prices, settings, and other updates that can help you get reservations faster.

Millions of global clients

Once you've completed your listing, clients from all over the world can find your venue in the search results. Our Zipcube community is millions strong -- and growing.

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Resources throughout

The Zipcube community always has your back.

We're here for you

Our global team is standing by to support you by phone and email. The team can help you with everything from creating your listing to customer concerns.

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