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tagung · Guice - Creative Space
Guice creative space
Here you can rent a workspace, which is located in Berlin Mitte near the Hackesche Höfe. The Heckmann Höfe are among the most historic yards in Berlin and are known under Locals as Creative Quarter. Located next to the Jewish Synagogue, you are in the trendy district of Berlin, which is characterized by numerous restaurants and trendy stores. The Spreeufer with its museum island and the Berlin Cathedral is within walking distance in 4 minutes. If you rent this meeting room, you have access to the entire building, which extends over 150 square meters. Altbauflair and optimal technical equipment await you. The decor is varied and unusual, it should primarily support the creative thinking processes. With up to 30 employees or guests, you can exchange ideas in comfortable sitting areas, brainstorm at a long table with at least 18 seats or hold small celebrations. A bright interior and plenty of natural light windows will enliven your mind and create a very pleasant atmosphere. So that all employees know, such as the current state of development of a project, you can additionally rent useful accessories together with these conference rooms. Whether it's a whiteboard, flipchart or beamer, simply state the need when booking and use the equipment for illustration. A TV can also be ordered and for even more efficient group work simply ask for the moderation kit. Food and drinks can already be ordered while you rent the workshop room online. Everything is done uncomplicatedly and exactly tuned. It goes without saying that you can use the existing Wi-Fi (400Mbit/10 Mbit upload) at no extra charge. Find the ideal environment for each employee by renting this meeting room. Some like to be undisturbed and focus on their work, while others prefer to keep in constant communication with their colleagues. The various rooms that you rent here as meeting rooms, offer the right ambience for everyone. For the coffeine boost in between you have coffee and a loving selection of teas ready. The location is not far from the subway and tram station Oranienburger Tor in Berlin Mitte. The area is equipped with several parks and generally rather quiet for capital conditions.
720pro Tag · Bis zu 50 Personen

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