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Sometimes the only way to unwind is to find yourself one of the private karaoke party bars London hides up its sleeve. The disco lights provide a perfect backdrop to the pop and soul classics which fill the air. All you need is a drink in one hand and the lyrics sheet in another to enjoy a classic karaoke evening.

There's no shortage of great party venues in London, so just use our search function to browse some options and let our venue team handle the rest. You might be a Tina Turner impressionist of the highest order, or more of a gruff-voiced Rod Stewart: just pick a few of your favourite tunes, warm up your vocal chords and get singing. 

Karaoke Party Bar London: Tips and Ideas 

  • Are you going to start the evening with karaoke, or work up some dutch courage elsewhere beforehand? If you need a few stiffeners to get ready for the stage, it's worth browsing a pub hire venue or rooftop bar as well.
  • Although we all grow a bit more confident after a few drinks, there's definitely a limit to how much it'll help your vocal performance. Alcohol dries out the throat and can make your voice hoarse, so try to pace yourself if you're planning on delivering some smooth ballads.
  • It might not seem very rock'n'roll, but musical heroes like David Bowie and Annie Lennox wouldn't dream of taking the stage without careful practice. If there's a song you'd like to sing, try rehearsing it at home beforehand.
  • What time will you be headed to the karaoke? If you're planning on working up an appetite, it won't hurt to look into a restaurant venue hire or private dining room for later on.
  • If you really suffer from stage fright, consider doing a duet with a friend. A couple of classic options would be 'Somethin' Stupid' by Frank and Nancy Sinatra or 'Don't You Want Me' by the Human League.

Top Tips for How to Sing Karaoke

If you're something of a reluctant performer, then you're not alone. Even some of the greatest musicians and dancers in history have suffered from the occasional bout of stage fright. We've put together a few top karaoke party tips, to help you wow the crowd and drink in the applause:

  • It's generally a good idea to pick a song you know well. In the heat of the moment, you might be tempted to choose something new, but the best choice of song is one where you know the lyrics and the melody almost off by heart. The less time you spend reading the lyrics off the teleprompter – the better.
  • Focus on your actual performance to engage the crowd. This starts with picking a popular song with a catchy chorus, but making eye contact and moving around the stage will help a lot as well.
  • Sing along during someone else's turn to get your vocal chords warmed up before taking the stage. The voice is just like any other instrument, you need to warm up and get the muscles working for a while before things will start to flow smoothly.
  • Don't be a microphone or spotlight hog. We all get excited by the powerful rhythms and melodies of a karaoke session, but it's important that you share the stage and let others have their turn.
  • Got an ear for a good harmony? If you're not much of a leading lady or frontman, you could always join in with someone else's performance and offer some extra harmonic texture to the main vocal line. Become the Garfunkel to their Simon, if you will.
  • Still not sure what's going on? Check out this karaoke advice article for some extra pointers.

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