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What is hot desking?


Hot desking is a shared office space in which there are no permanent desks or spaces. Desks are flexibly shared amongst different people in different disciplines, depending on availability which is random unlike coworking spaces. With increasing technological advancements, many freelancers and businesses are beginning to adopt shared offices in the UK. At times there is no need for a permanent working space; needless to mention the relatively high cost of maintaining a permanent site.


What are the advantages of hot desking?


Some of the benefits of hot desking include:


  • Office Space: Working from home can be difficult because of the numerous distractions competing for your attention. A hot desk completely eliminates this problem.


  • Cost Effectiveness: Hot desks in London can be very expensive to rent a office space permanently, especially in the city centre. Going for flexible, temporary options could reduce your expenditure by up to 30%.


  • Work Flexibility: You can decide to switch as and when needed. Your business, for example could grow from needing 4  hot desks 5 times a week to needing 20 hot desks a week, or the reverse could be the case. More often than not, you can rent an office space for a day or go with monthly and hourly contracts, depending on your business needs.


  • Staff Collaboration: A shared office allows for collaboration between employees from different departments with different skill-sets sharing an office space. Besides building professional relationships that might not have been possible otherwise, employees could bounce ideas off each other regarding the different projects they are working on. This could lead to innovation.


  • Less clutter: Because there are no permanent hot desks, many hot desk renters require completely cleaned desks after work, thereby discouraging clutter which could impede work progress.


  • Office Maintenance: You won’t have to worry about office maintenance with a temporary, flexible office space. The renter bears that responsibility.

5 key things to consider before hot desking In the UK

  1. Your work status: Are you a freelancer or a new startup? In both cases, it is more cost-effective to hot-desk than to acquire a permanent office space. You might also want to consider your shift patterns (i.e. night or day) or the number of days in a week for which you need a place.
  2. Your office budget: How much can you afford to spend without breaking the bank? If you must be stationed in a central location that is expensive, can you find affordable hot desk options in that area?
  3. Your ideal environment: You want to factor in your ideal environment while deciding on a location to hot-desk. For example, a pin-drop quiet environment might be what you need to get work done, or one with an artsy aura.
  4. Your team make-up: You do not want a situation where there are less desks than team members in need of desks. Always factor in the number of desks needed in what number of days you and your team would be working.
  5. Your work requirements: You might have certain requirements in order to carry out your job junction, like high-speed internet, audio-conferencing facilities, a consistent office phone number. You want to make sure that these requirements are met.

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