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What is a coworking space?

 A coworking space is essentially a shared office space which brings together independent, freelance or remote workers, often in a particular field. Unlike in hot desking, work spaces and actual desks in coworking spaces are fixed and do not change based on availability. The goal of coworking spaces is to build a community of professionals, who interact and may assist each other while retaining their autonomy. More often than not, if not freelancers or independent, the coworkers in a coworking space are employees of different organisations.

In major UK cities, there is a variety of coworking options and Zipcube provides a rich inventory from which you can choose.


What to consider before renting a coworking space


A coworking space might be the right option for you or your business if you:


  • Are a new start-up on a budget requiring a office space with a short-term commitment. At this stage of your business, you probably might benefit more from short leases and flexible, non-binding contracts you can easily opt out of. Payment contracts for many coworking spaces are monthly but some renters offer weekly or daily rates


  • Are simply a freelancer, remote or independent worker. Working from home can be difficult for a good number of reasons. Freelancers and independent workers often crave human interactions, whether professional or otherwise. Coworking spaces eradicate the problem of isolation while working independently.


  • Need a stable workstation that doesn’t have the formality of a conventional office space or the informality of working from home.


  • Are comfortable with the location of the office space. For example, you might prefer a workspace close to your home for ease of access, or to cut down transportation costs.


  • Your business needs a physical address in order to appear more trustworthy to your clients. People generally feel safer doing patronising businesses they can both trust and locate.


  • Need to work alongside like-minded people with whom you can test ideas with, get feedback and advice from. Chances are a coworker would have the skill you need to solve a perplexing problem


  • Your business requires expensive equipment that a coworking space offers in addition to the physical office space. This could be anything from high-speed internet to advanced technology or hardware.


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On Zipcube you can select from a wide range of coworking office spaces top UK cities such as London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Bristol.

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