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Choosing an office space for rent

A proper office space will almost always have a huge impact on how your business is viewed. In the UK there are several office rental options. Zipcube helps to match you with based on your requirements. Are you a new start-up looking for a place to begin your business journey, or are you expanding and see a need to move? Whichever way, a number of key factors to consider are as follows:


  • Budget: The need to consider your budget cannot be overemphasized when considering an office space to rent. Particularly if you are a new start-up or a small-scale business, it is very likely that you have limited cash flow. As such, you want to keep your expenses for an office space at the barest minimum. The price of rent for London office spaces, as well as offices in other big cities, continues to rise. It will be in your business interest to come up with a feasible budget.

  • Location: Before choosing an office space, it would help to do some research and know the kind of clients you intend to reach. Knowledge of this should inform where you look to for an office space. For entrepreneurs, you might want to attract the best young talent and as a result opt for an office space in Birmingham or another major city in the UK. Other businesses, however, may benefit from having an office space in a more remote area which is bound to be cheaper and more conducive.

  • Transport Amenities: When choosing an office space for rent, accessibility is a very important factor. Potential clients might be compelled to look elsewhere if they cannot locate you. Potential employees may also be turned off if you are an employer. Make certain to check if there is a train station nearby, as well as other public transport facilities.

  • Size: The size of office space matters. Size, more often the not, will determine how expensive the office space is. A small office space, for example, may be adequate for somebody who is an independent work or a freelancer and doesn’t want to work from home.

  • Flexibility of contract: You might be better off opting for office spaces leased with non-binding, flexible contracts than otherwise. With these kinds of contracts, in case your business needs change, you can easily move to a more suitable office space.

  • Onsite Parking: This is one of the less obvious practical factors. Onsite parking will save you a lot more, as opposed to having to find a place offsite to park. Offsite parking may not be within walking distance of your office which could be a hassle.

  • Office Equipment: Certain essentials like high-speed broadband internet and audio-conferencing facilities may be key in your daily business activities. You want to make sure that these things are provided while opting for any office rental service.

Startup Office Spaces

Are you a new startup in need of an office space? Having considered all that has been mentioned above, you could either opt for either opt for a temporary or permanent working space. There are also options for shared office spaces.

Some office rental options include:

  • Hot desks, which are flexible shared office spaces without any permanent desks
  • Coworking spaces, which are similar to hot desks but give you a permanent desk
  • Serviced offices, which may be shared or not shared

On Zipcube, you can hire office spaces in top UK cities, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh.