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Do you want to organise a symposium, conference or talk in London that requires hiring out a top lecture theatre venue for your guests and students? If the answer is yes, then Zipcube can help you find a lecture hall, with great acoustics, quicker than you can say 'conference paper'

Whether you're a visiting academic trying to arrange a lecture series in a few different cities, or an event promoter who has a book tour to plan for an exciting new author – our conference venues team can get the ball rolling and assist with the process. The rigamarole of making an enquiry and speaking to various venues can be more than a bit stressful. We can take care of that on your behalf and keep things nice and simple.

Lecture Theatre Venues in London: Tips and Ideas 

Lecture halls are the perfect venue in which to disseminate ideas amongst a large, attentive audience. If you want some advice with regards to the booking process itself, here are a few tips:

  • Will you require a microphone to be set up on the lectern, and a small PA system to amplify your talk for the benefit of the audience? Most lecture theatres already have such facilities, but it's important to check ahead of time.
  • Are you worried about the event reaching capacity? Or are you unsure about how many people you can expect to attend? Lecture venues which have benches rather than fixed seats offer more flexibility and will allow you to squeeze people in, providing some extra leeway.
  • Is this a short talk or a day-long series of talks? As well as planning regular comfort breaks for your audience, you can help everyone to feel more energised by looking into the actual comfort of the venue itself. For example, windows which provide natural light can make a marked difference when it comes to everyone's mood.
  • Do you have an introduction planned for you speaker(s)? A short announcement, welcoming them to the stage, will let your audience know that the event has begun in earnest.
  • Is this a slightly unorthodox lecture or talk? If so, one of our unusual space venues might be the most appropriate choice. A converted industrial space or period building can lend an amazing atmosphere to proceedings.
  • Are you on a slightly tight budget? Our chapel venues are already set up like a lecture hall, but can offer slightly lower hire rates. If this is a charitable cause, in any way, then you might be able to negotiate a particularly good discount.

With so many choices available, it can be especially tough to make a decision. If you feel that some more browsing is in order, then our auditorium and concert venues might make for especially good choices.

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