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Is there anything quite so atmospheric as staring out across the beautiful London skyline from a choice rooftop venue? Here at Zipcube, we've got a selection of fantastic spaces which will leave you feeling like you're partying up among the clouds. All you need to bring is a thirst for some cocktails and a guest list of great friends: we'll sort out the rest.

When the summer arrives and the sun is out to shine, there's no better way to relax than up on a glorious rooftop venue. Our search function allows you to browse different options before making an enquiry with our party venues team. We handle the arrangements on your behalf so you can relax and look forward to the fun.

Rooftop Venues London: Tips and Ideas

  • Do you know which view of London you're hoping to take in? Views from the north differ from those seen from the east or south, so it's worth considering which side of the city you most want to enjoy staring at.
  • If you have a strong feeling about what sort of drinks should be served – classy cocktails perhaps, or a selection of fine wines – then liaise with the venue ahead of time to check over their bar menu and see what's available.
  • Rooftop venues aren't only fitting for a fine summer's day, they're just as fun in the colder months – so long as the venue has outdoor heaters and you wear warm clothes.
  • Even in the summer, rain can't be ruled out. London tends to be fairly dry in July and August, but it's worth seeing whether you'll have umbrellas or a covered area to shelter beneath in the worst-case scenario.
  • The wind can also be a bit of a problem when up high above the city. Try not to use any decorations that will easily blow away.
  • Are you sorted for an after-party or a meal later on in the evening? Our selection of nightclub venues, private party venues and private dining rooms has you covered.

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