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Are you an IT professional who needs to organise a computer room in which to do some training or run a course? Or perhaps you're a designer who needs to show some of your colleagues their way around Photoshop or another creative suite? Whatever the reason for its use, Zipcube will help you to get set-up and connected.

You can speak to our expert training rooms team for some advice or help on the booking itself. We'll liaise with the venue on your behalf, making life easier for you as you concentrate on the actual purpose for which you're booking out the computer room.

Hiring a Computer Room in London: Tips and Ideas

When it comes to effective IT training, there are a few pointers to keep in mind when running a session:

  • You might not be able to assume a basic level of tech literacy amongst the people taking part, so it's a good idea to devise a simple test to determine what everyone's level is. Or you can ask everyone to give themselves a rough ranking out of ten, so that everyone knows where they stand.
  • Doubtless, you've probably got a fantastic powerpoint presentation to deliver to your class or group, but keep in mind that some people might prefer a few paper print-outs to keep on their desk as well.
  • Having a room packed with computers can certainly raise the overall temperature: you'll want to ensure the space is properly air-conditioned if you're running some tech training in the middle of summer.
  • When preparing your session and devising all the things you want to run through, it's important to make sure you get any log-in codes or network access that you'll need from the people who run the venue. You don't want to derail an important part of your session because of a glitch or malfunction.
  • The same is true for any of your own equipment that you bring along – give everything a quick check the night before to make sure that it's all in full working order.

If you think you can perhaps provide some of your own equipment, then we have a great selection of meeting rooms, coaching venues and lecture venues all across London. There's no shortage of space across the capital, so whatever your needs – we can make it happen.

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