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Are you looking around for a fantastic function room for hire? If you need a space in which to get some people together and have some fun or get down to business, look no further than Zipcube's quick search tool.

Our dedicated function rooms team will be on hand to assist with your enquiry if you need any help whatsoever. Just don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll make sure you get the booking you need and a function room that perfectly suits the requirements you've got in mind.

How Can I Hire A Function Room?

It doesn't matter whether you've got a boardgames night which you want to organise for you and your friends, or your local neighbourhood watch scheme need to meet up somewhere and discuss a few issues: a function is a great all-purpose space for hire which lets you gather and talk at ease.

If you've never hired one before, or aren't sure of the best way to do so, we've put together a simple list of pointers:

  • First things first – how many people are likely to come along? You need an idea of how much space you'll need before there's much point in making an enquiry.
  • Once you've assessed interest and know the general size requirements, it'll be much easier to work out a budget and decide what sort of function room is best to hire.
  • You'll find that our search tool lets you adjust parameters quite easily depending on cost and size. Make a shortlist of possible function rooms and then let us know your thoughts!
  • Make a list of things you're likely to need (i.e. pens and paper, a boardroom style table, extra chairs) and let us know as much information as possible as part of your enquiry.

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