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Are you a small company or start-up, looking to move into your first serviced office in London? If so, you've come to the right place, because Zipcube have a large selection of office spaces all over the capital. Whatever kind of office you require – whether you're a super lean organisation who only need a few desks or a larger group who need to squeeze into a good size communal workspace – we can help you find the right environment for your business.

Our dedicated office space team have all the necessary expertise to assist with your enquiry and help you to find a serviced office that provides convenience and good value. Just get in touch online or via the phone and we'll do whatever we can!

Serviced Office Spaces in London: Tips and Ideas

Hiring a serviced office in London can be a complicated process, with lots of different elements to consider in the decision making process. We've put together a list of pointers and things to consider as you try to make up your mind:

  • There are so many perks that can be included with the cost of a serviced office, it's best to make a list of desirables and then try to prioritise them. Would you prefer showers for those who bike to work? A coffee bar in the lobby which doubles up as a meeting space? A gym, perhaps? Decide which you care about the most and then make a choice accordingly.

  • Be aware that certain aspects of a serviced office can come at a premium. You will have telephones and an internet connection already pre-installed, but you may be charged for these per desk (in some cases, as much as £30-35 per desk). There may also be a few unexpected charges which aren't included in the cost of the lease, so be sure to check the contract carefully.

  • Perhaps the best part of a serviced office is the convenience that it provides. You won't have to worry about hiring your own cleaners or dealing with contracts for other outsourced facilities requirements. It will save you a lot of legwork, although it might not always be cost effective, so it's worth considering that as part of your in-goings and outgoings when making the move to a serviced office.

If you'd like to consider some other options before making a decision, then you can also take a look at some coworking spaces in London, hot desking options and private office spaces.

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