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London Baby Shower Venues: Tips and Ideas 

The parents themselves and all their friends and family may want to get together (while they still have time!) to exchange best wishes and a few gifts for the newborn. We've put together a list of ideas and recommendations, for those organising the baby shower:

  • If there are certain things you know you'll need when the baby arrives, or know the parents will (i.e. a changing pad, receiving blankets, a crib) – make a gift list and circulate it around for those attending so that they can choose a present.
  • Just because the mother-to-be can't drink, that doesn't mean it can't be a luxurious event. You can focus a bit of budget on some high-end catering or have a range of excellent mocktails or non-alcoholic cocktails.
  • When it comes to decorations, this might be a nice time to dig out baby photos of the parents themselves. You could have these made into posters or have them feature on a special cake.
  • The last thing you'll want for an expectant mother is any stress – try to make sure all the arrangements are casual and simple.
  • When it comes to deciding on the guest list, don't feel you have to invite everyone. A christening is a more formal event that might require a larger guest list, bu a baby shower can be a much more intimate event with only close friends and family.
  • Are you thinking of playing any party games? You can play typical party games, or play a baby themed game such as 'Speed Nappy Change' where you time trial one another using a baby doll for practice.

What is the History of a Baby Shower?

The tradition of celebrating a pregnancy or an impending birth is actually very longstanding. Many cultures have recognised this important aspect of life and new arrival by hosting parties or observing small ceremonies:

  • In Ancient Greece, a small festival called the Amphidromia was held by a family after a child was born. This marked the period after the birth when the child was introduced into the family.
  • In India, a ritual called the seemantha has been observed for many centuries. The mother-to-be is showered with a confetti made of sweets and dry fruits and special music is played for the benefit of the baby in the womb.
  • Many cultures in the Middle East observed a tradition whereby the period immediately after the birth was one in which the mother and child were largely left alone and tended to by a nurse or close family member.

Of course, today, the principle of a baby shower – all around the world – is that it provides an opportunity for friends and well wishers to help out the expectant parents by buying them gifts which they'll need for when the baby is born.

What Type of Venue Is Best for a Baby Shower?

Popular venues in which to host a baby shower include:

Still feel like you're lacking a bit of inspiration? Take a look at this list of 6 Things You Need to Know for a Modern Baby Shower.

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