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Feeling the pressure of hosting a bridal shower for the bride-to-be and all the other bridesmaids? No? Oh good. Well, if you are feeling the stress, then we're here to help, in fact we're here to help whether you're struggling or not. Such an event can be a juggling act, so to help you out we’ve put together some of the best bridal shower venues for just such an occasion in order to save you the hassle of finding the venues individually. Just to make your job that bit easier we’ve got some suggestions for ideas below too. 

Bridal Shower Tips and Ideas 

  • Maybe you want to have a traditional bridal shower: we have party venues with lots of space and natural light which give a real sense of love and hope. Or are you curious about testing the boundaries for such an event and want to see if an unusual venue would be the best option. Whatever your choice, we can help. 
  • What about taking everyone to a luxury venue, perhaps something along the lines of a country house? All the guests can get a chance to dress the part and act like royalty, drinking tea on the lawn. 
  • Perhaps you want to hold the shower at one of central London's terraces, break out the drinks and gifts and parade around like you’re on top of the world? 
  • Not your style? Take it that one step further and have a themed bridal shower. Maybe a Halloween or Christmas theme depending on the season, or pirates? Pirates are pretty funny, if you decide you want to arrange a boat venue and cruise around the Thames.
  • Consider the budget you have to spend on this occasion, are you on a budget or not at all? No matter if you are on a particular budget there is a venue for you!

What Do I Need To Host A Bridal Shower?

  • Think about how many people you are bringing to the event. You don’t want to have them all stuffed into a small space where everyone feels sorry for themselves. If you need an especially large venue, try looking through our selection of private party venues.
  • Do you think you'll require catering? Check with the venue to see if they offer in-house catering for an extra fee. Consider if you can bring your own catering or even an external service.
  • Think of some funny decorations, perhaps pictures from their University days or childhood photos. 
  • You might want games to play which get everyone up and about. Music is also a good idea as it creates a mood (just be sure not to play anything sad or gloomy...). 
  • Lastly, don’t forget the gifts! Every bride wants gifts, even if they say they don’t! If you're looking for ideas, check out this article on bridal shower gifts.

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