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Popular Kids birthday party venues London

Check our selections of popular Kids birthday party venues

Is your child about to celebrate their 10th birthday? Are you looking to throw a cake and ice cream extravaganza for your beloved niece or nephew? Whatever your kid's birthday requirements, we can help you find a fun-filled venue that will keep the little ones as happy as a clam.

You might be searching for some children's party venues which provide lots of space for the children to run around and cause havoc. Alternatively, you might be looking for a big soft play area for tots and toddlers to bump and crawl about in. Whatever your needs, Zipcube are here to help with a wide selection of children's birthday party venues to suit all needs. Our expert party venue team can assist with your booking to make things as quick and simple as can be.

Kid's Birthday Party Tips and Ideas:

  • Are you going for a fancy dress theme for your kid's birthday? Try to keep it broad enough that your fellow parents won't have to go to too much effort. A Jungle Book theme, for instance, offers a few more options for costumes than a Peppa Pig party.
  • You might be surprised how different various kid's birthday venues can be. If you have certain expectations (i.e. you're hoping to bring your own food, or arrange finger painting as an activity) you'll need to check with the venue ahead of time.
  • It can be a nice touch to let your child make a few decisions as part of the planning process. They might have an opinion about the entertainment (a magician instead of a face painting artist, for example) or they might like all the balloons to be in their favourite colour.
  • As much as our little darlings love sweet treats like jelly and chocolate, it doesn't hurt to include healthier options (like fruit salad and unsweetened yoghurt) in their lunch as well. A little less sugar in their system will help keep them from getting overexcited and tired.
  • When it comes to arranging food, as well as goodie bags to take home, it's important to check with parents about any allergies ahead of time.
  • Depending on how many little ones you have at your kids birthday party, you might need to rope in a few family members or friends to help look after them. If you decide to invite your child's entire Year 3 class to their birthday party, a good rule of thumb is to have one adult for every 4 or 5 children.
  • If your child is old enough (say six and above, roughly), it's nice to let them hand out invitations to their school friends – just make sure to ring around the parents and check RSVPs as well.
  • Need a little extra advice and inspiration? Check out this article on how to throw a childrens birthday party to remember.

If you want to take a look at a selection of venues which aren't specifically designed for children, you can also browse through some of our other private party venues and restaurant venues.

What Type of Entertainment Should I Hire for a Children's Birthday Party?

There are certainly plenty of options for children's entertainers in London, here's a run-down of a few different options:

  • Magicians and magic shows.
  • Children's musicians playing simple sing-a-long songs and nursery rhymes.
  • Balloon animal artists and balloon sculptors.
  • Face painting artists.
  • Fancy dress performers and mime artists.
  • Comedy jugglers and acrobats.

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