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Are you shopping around for the kind of Christmas party venues Manchester has tucked up its sleeve which provide a merry old time indeed? If you want a festive venue which puts the ho-ho-ho into holiday and gets everyone feeling loose and upbeat, then Zipcube are here to help. Our search function lets you find and compare venues with minimal fuss. Just decide on a date and time and let our bookings team take things from there in finding a party venue.

We want you to feel as cheerful as Santa Claus himself and as Christmassy as a Christmas Pudding. With our team on hand to help, you can focus on drinking sherry and enjoying a little yuletide dance. Fire up the sound-system, get Last Christmas by Wham! on the decks and get ready to shimmy around with a merry tune in your heart.

Christmas Party Venues Manchester: Tips and Ideas 

  • DJs can be in short supply in December, such is the demand for a purveyor of the best Christmas dancefloor fillers. You can make life a little easier though, and save some money, by creating a good mix CD or online playlist.
  • Do you have cheesy party supplies ready? Like party hats and party poppers? Most people get into the spirit of things around Christmas and enjoy a bit of childlike fun.
  • If you're worried that everyone will be sick of snowman themed decorations, awful Christmas jumpers and listening to Bing Crosby: you could do something completely different. How about a Christmas party with a Hawaiian luau theme?
  • Don't forget to ask someone to prepare a speech for your office Christmas party. It's an important time of year in which to reflect on past successes and thank everyone for their hard work.
  • Your options aren't just limited to Christmas party venues, you can browse bar venues and  party venues as well.

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