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Check our selections of popular Fashion Show Venues

As we all know, London is one of the world's major cities when it comes to fashion shows and fashion show venues. If you work in the fashion industry (or you're aspiring to), you'll know that finding a great venue in which to host an exhibition for your clothing can be a big hassle. This is why Zipcube have developed a simple search tool which lets you browse potential spaces with ease.

Our dedicated function rooms team are on hand to assist you if you run into any problems. We can help to finalise the details and make sure that your fashion runway is fierce and your models are offset by a fabulous looking environment. If you use Zipcube to arrange your space needs, you won't have any trouble.

Fashion Show Venues: Tips and Ideas 

Having a hard time deciding on the perfect venue? Here are a few ideas for fashionistas and designers to consider: 

  • How about a modern venue with bright lights, big spacious rooms and slick architecture to complement your sleek, contemporary designs?
  • Or would you prefer more of an historic, old-fashioned building to generate a sense of retro-fashion which might suit a steam-punk or vintage approach to the clothing?
  • Whatever it is you're looking for, a dry hire venue can often be a good choice as it allows for the maximum amount of creative control on the part of the event organisers. In this case – that's you!
  • Will there be a lot of photographers in attendance? That might require giving the lighting some special consideration. If you don't think the light in your venue is quite dramatic enough, you may need to hire a lighting professional to make things snazzier and bring the place to life.
  • Have you made plans for the catering and serving of drinks? A lot of venues have an in-house events team who can help out, but if you have a very specific idea of what you want – check with the venue about bringing in an external crew.
  • Promotion is key for any fashion event. Make sure you apply the same level of chic excellence to your marketing materials as you would to the clothes themselves.
  • Do you want this event to be a real talk-of-the-town phenomenon? Take a look at our unusual space venues as well – their distinctive atmosphere can make for genuine one-of-a-kind events.

If you still need some inspiration for your fashion show, in terms of where to host it, then we have lots of other great venues in London to consider. Take a browse through some of our halls for hire and exhibition spaces to try and find the perfect place in which to throw your fashionista bonanza.

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