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Find and book the perfect meeting room for hire in Coventry on Zipcube! Our selection of great conference rooms and meeting spaces will make booking your next corporate strategy meeting or team away day as simple as can be.

We know how important it is to locate a great meeting venue. The nicer your surroundings, the more energised and focus your team will be, and if you need to impress a client then hiring a cool and quirky meeting room might be just the ticket. Our dedicated meeting rooms team are reday at the double to help with your enquiry and make all the necessary arrangements.

Meeting Rooms Coventry: Tips and Ideas

The best meetings require careful preparation and planning, to ensure everyone understands the agenda and the meeting itself doesn't get sidetracked. Here's a short checklist of things to consider in the build-up:

  • Do you know whether you want to have a theatre layout, a boardroom layout, or break up the space into smaller groups of tables? Let the venue know ahead of time so they can prepare the room.
  • Has the agenda for the meeting been arranged and circulated? It helps to have everyone on the same page, quite literally.
  • When do you plan to start the meeting? Morning's are best for energy levels, although they might require people to get up a little earlier in the morning if they need to make a different commute.
  • Letting everyone know the address of the meeting venue is important as well. Ideally your location will be easy to get to, so circulate some directions along with your itinerary or agenda.
  • Have you arranged the catering? Everyone's brain functions a little better after a cup of hot tea or coffee.

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