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Need to hire a meeting room in Derby? Looking to dazzle some new clients or set up a slick strategy meeting with the regional team leaders? If so, look no further. Zipcube have a great selection of meeting spaces and conference rooms to choose from.

Just use our search function to browse the available options and then make an enquiry with our expert meeting rooms team. We'll take care of the booking and make any other arrangements so that you can focus on your reports and strategy ideas.

Meeting Rooms Derby: Tips and Ideas

Locking down the details of your meeting ahead of time is a surefire way to make things run smoothly. We've prepared a short checklist for you to work through during the planning stages:

  • What sort of atmosphere are you hoping to achieve? Do you want a slick, corporate feel for a major status report presentation or do you think a cool and quirky meeting room would really help everyone relax during a team bonding session?
  • How many people will be attending? You'll need some idea in order to make a decision on the room layout. (Either boardroom, theatre or horseshoe is most typical).
  • Have you considered some options for catering? Depending on what time of day you hold your meeting, people will probably be in need of a caffeine dose. Even the simple stuff like coffee and biscuits will be most welcome.
  • Does everyone know the location of your meeting venue and is it easy enough to get to? You don't want people to arrive late and hold things up.

Still not sure where to book? Take a look through some cheap meeting rooms and hotel meeting rooms in Derby as well.

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