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Glasgow has a great variety of meeting spaces and meeting rooms for hire, and you can find them here on Zipcube! Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland as well as one of Europe's most artistic, forward-thinking cities. Many companies have made Glasgow their home and the city is highly ranked as a financial centre. 

The number of international associations and companies choosing to host their events in Glasgow is increasing at a fast rate. This is because the meeting facilities for rent in Glasgow are fantastic and there is something for every individual who wants to hire meeting rooms and meeting spaces in Glasgow.

Why Should I Book a Meeting Room in Glasgow?

  • There's a variety of affordable and cheap meeting rooms and meeting spaces for hire in Glasgow as well as luxurious meeting rooms for rent across different venues in the city centre. 
  • You can choose from boardroom, theatre, reception, theatre layouts and more, as Glasgow has something for every type of meeting.
  • There are lots of meeting spaces with excellent facilities close to the financial district, such as the societyM meeting rooms in the citizenM hotel and the Teacher Building.
  • If you need a larger space, a function room might be suitable. We also have a great selection of cheap meeting rooms and cool and quirky meeting rooms.

Glasgow Meeting Rooms: Tips and Ideas

Are you on the hunt for a great space to host a client meeting or conduct interviews? Take a look at our list of tips and ideas.

  • Glasgow Airport is well served by a number of different flight operators, making it a fantastic city to choose when looking for a venue to host an international business conference or global academic seminar.
  • Do you only have a short agenda to get through in your meeting? Why not book a meeting space that's close to the River Clyde and enjoy entertaining clients with a boat trip after you've discussed details and made your plans.
  • Thanks to cultural jewels such as the Scottish Ballet and National Theatre of Scotland, Glasgow is a fantastic place to entertain clients and enjoy a night out once you've finished work for the day.

If you help to run a venue yourself and happen to be in the market for some furniture and furnishings, you can always take a look at IKEA's meeting rooms furniture.

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