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If you're trying to find a meeting room to hire in Hull, Zipcube are here to make you life easier. Our simple search function is designed to let you browse though conference rooms and meeting venues, letting you compare prices and make a decision with the utmost convenience.

We know that a great meeting space is really important when you've got a status meeting coming up or need to energise your team for a big strategy planning session. Our dedicated meeting rooms team are on hand to help to assist with your enquiry, so whatever you're trying to find: we can help.

Meeting Rooms Hull: Tips and Ideas

The difference between a great meeting and so-so experience often lies in the details. If you plan carefully and make the right preparations, things will go swimmingly and the right outcomes will be reached. We've put together a checklist for you to scan through in the initial planning stages:

  • Does everyone know the time and dates of the meeting? Automated calendar invites are very useful, but sending out your own email can help to remind people as well.
  • What layout do you want for the tables and seats? A presentation might require a theatre layout, whilst a general meeting will probably need a boardroom layout.
  • Have you circulated a running order and meeting itinerary? It can help everyone stay focused if they know how everything fits together.
  • Will there be water and other hot beverages at the meeting? Most venues can provide basic catering, so look into these arrangements beforehand.

Still not sure what to book? Wondering if a cool and quirky meeting room might be a better fit? Check out our hotel meeting rooms and cheap meeting rooms to see if they match what you're looking for.