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With Zipcube, finding meeting rooms for hire in Oxford couldn’t be easier. No matter what the occasion – a team strategy day or a status meeting for the entire office – we've got a great selection of conference rooms and meeting spaces to choose from.

Meeting Rooms Oxford: Tips and Ideas

  • Have you requested for snacks and refreshments to be served? A long meeting calls for plenty of tea and coffee.
  • Do you know what time in the day you'll be hosting your meeting? The mid-morning is often an ideal slot when people feel fresh and energised.
  • Is the venue able to provide the equipment you need (i.e. whiteboard and flip charts)? Make sure to check in advance.
  • It also helps to plan out an agenda for the meeting itself – letting everyone know what topics will be discussed and setting out a timetable for certain conversations to be had.

Still not sure which venue would be best? Take a look at our selection of cheap meeting rooms and hotel meeting rooms. If you're looking for something a bit more unusual, you might also consider one of our cool and quirky meeting rooms as well.

You can hold your meetings or conferences in the Oxford Science Park or the Malmaison hotel, just to name a few venues. Feel free to place a booking online or give us a call to talk to one of our meeting rooms experts.

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