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Hire a meeting room in Sheffield in the space of a few minutes thanks to Zipcube's quick search function. Whether you're arranging a status meeting for a few different regional offices or need somewhere to conduct a group interview – we've got you covered.

Our expert meeting rooms team are at the ready, willing to handle your enquiry and get a meeting space or conference room booked. Just browse through the available rooms and let us know the dates and timings of your event: we can handle the rest. Minimal hassle, little fuss, just a nice simple way to book a venue.

Meeting Rooms Sheffield: Tips and Ideas

If you want your meeting to run like clockwork, there's a few things you should consider. We've put together a short checklist of points for you to work through in your ambition to make everything move smoothly:

  • From more corporate business centres, to more cool and quirky meeting rooms, Sheffield has plenty of great venues, so spare a thought for the type of atmosphere you'd like your meeting to have. A big investment meeting might require a particularly inspirational space.
  • Have you put together a running order for the meeting? The most efficient meetings tend to have a strong agenda that keeps everyone in line and marks out different areas for discussion.
  • If you know what your running order for the meeting will be, it might be helpful to circulate it via email on the day before you all meet.
  • What sort of layout does the room need? If you're making a bi-annual report to the office, you'll probably want a cabaret style layout of chairs and tables. Let the venue know ahead of time so they can set the room up before you arrive.
  • Other popular layouts include boardroom, horse-shoe and theatre style. Have a quick think and let the venue know.
  • Do you have refreshments sorted out? Intense discussions can be particularly draining, so it does not hurt to have occasional tea breaks with plenty of biscuits to go around.

The Steel City is a great place to arrange a conference or AGM, with an abundance of great meeting spaces. From Highfield, to Park Hill and Sheffield City Centre – there are plenty of locations to choose from as well. Book online with our user-friendly website or ask for help from our expert venue team.

Still not sure what you're looking for? There are some great cheap meeting rooms in Sheffield as well as some hotel meeting rooms which might be ideal. Have a browse and let us know if you need some assistance.