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Booking a meeting room in Southampton couldn't be more convenient thanks to Zipcube. Our search function allows you to browse through a selection of different conference rooms and meeting spaces, with minimal fuss. All you need to know is which dates and times you're interested in and our dedicated meeting rooms team can take care of the arrangements.

Southampton Meeting Rooms: Tips and Ideas

The secret to a great meeting is simple: preparation. We've made a short checklist to run through in the planning stages:

  • Have you considered the layout of tables and chairs for the venue? Common set-ups include boardroom or u-shape.
  • Does the venue know what type of beverages or snacks you'd like to be served?
  • Do all the attendees know the agenda or time table of the meeting? The better organised everyone is in advance, the smoother things will run.
  • Are there any people travelling from afar to attend? They'll need directions and the address details a while in advance.

If you need to be careful about expenditure, we have a great selection of cheap meeting rooms to choose from. We also have some hotel meeting rooms and cool and quirky meeting rooms which are there to browse as well.