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Are you searching for the perfect meeting room in Winchester to hire for a team meeting or board meeting? If so, Zipcube have got you covered. We've got a great selection of conference rooms and meeting venues. Just use our search tool to browse through the available spaces and try to find a venue which matches your specifications.

Once you've found one you like, our dedicated meeting rooms team are ready and waiting to assist with your enquiry. We can make the booking on your behalf and sort out the arrangements you require. Minimal fuss, minimal trouble.

Winchester Meeting Rooms: Tips and Ideas

  • Do you know what type of atmosphere you'd like to have at your meeting? Our cool and quirky meeting rooms are ideal for creative strategy discussions which require some imagination.
  • Have you arranged refreshments, the room layout and other essentials with the venue? They'll need to know a few things in advance.
  • If you're giving a presentation make sure to check that your meeting space has any necessary equipment (i.e. a projector). It also never hurts to bring extra copies of any important documents.
  • Does everyone attending know the address and how to get to your meeting venue? Circulate the details a few days beforehand, just to be sure.

Have you looked into our selection of cheap meeting rooms for straightforward, simple business meetings? Our hotel meeting rooms are also available for hire if you need to find somewhere with good conferencing facilities and accommodation.