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Many self-employed Londoners and freelancers are looking for the flexibility and convenience that hot desks provide. Working from home can feel isolating and demotivating, whilst a permanent office space is hardly feasible for just one person. That's why renting a single desk, on a flexible contract, is a great solution for London's many part-time and remote workers. 

Hot desking is also proving a big lure for businesses themselves. As the price of real estate continues to rise in London, you might be better off going for a flexible shared office space. As well as being temporary and flexible, hot desking contracts are non-binding and come in hourly, weekly and monthly rates. On Zipcube, you can browse through the different desks London has to offer and find a space that completely meets your daily business and working needs.

Hot Desk London: Tips and Ideas

  • The beauty of hot desking is that it provides variety and a change of scenery. There's something nice about the routine of sitting at the same desk, on the same floor, of the same office every day, but there's also a lot to be said for agile working environments.
  • The classic disagreements that come about when different people are made to share the same space quickly disappear when people are allowed to hot desk and move around. Feeling a bit chilly by the door? Hate the noise of the air conditioning vent by your desk? Just pick up your laptop and find another spot.
  • Hot desks also allow employees greater flexibility in how they organise their own time. If two teams can be split across two separate sites, it might mean a faster commute time for everyone. Happy employees are more productive, which will reap benefits for the entire office.
  • If you're a small business worried about your overheads, hot desking can also be a great way to lower the costs associated with traditional long-lease offices. Your headcount might fluctuate depending on how many freelancers or interns you have working each month and a hot desk environment, on a rolling weekly lease, is an easy way to avoid sunk costs.

What do I need to know before hiring a hot desk?

  • Many of the hot desks London has on offer are priced up at a daily or weekly rate. If you only need a desk for a few hours, you might be better off arranging for freelancers to come on the same day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon. That way you can have them share a desk.
  • If your staff can't walk across the room and talk to one another face to face, video chat and group chat systems (e.g. Slack or Skype) are extremely important. You can't afford to have a weak internet connection, so check the specifications before making a decision.
  • The term 'hot desk' will mean different things to different venues. They can range from communal breakout areas which can be hired out privately, to unassigned desks in large shared areas, a bit like the reading room of a large library. You'll want a good idea of your space needs before you start making enquiries.
  • A sense of impermanence might start to bother some of your employees, especially more senior team members who would like a more fixed abode. No matter how attractive hot desking might be from a financial perspective, it's always worth considering the overall opinion of your staff.

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4 Exciting Hot Desking Spots in London

Here at Zipcube, we think that the hot desks London has to offer are absolutely fantastic. Here are a few of our favourite spots:

The Studio, London - £99 per month

Located in Camden Town, this hot desking venue brings together a community of creative professionals, such as graphic designers, photographers, bloggers and writers.  The Studio, London is also suitable for startups and small businesses.

Some facilities that this hot desking space offers include:

  • Fast internet
  • Phone booths with privacy
  • Meeting rooms
  • Onsite IT support
  • Discounted 3D printing
  • Mailbox service
  • Onsite parking from £1

Tea and coffee is complimentary at The Studio, London. Hot desking members are entitled to monthly meeting room credits and printing credits.

Hot desking members can easily access this shared office space which is within walking distance from Camden Town and Kentish Town Stations respectively.

Clean Break - £6 per hour

Only a short walk from Kentish Town, Clean Break is a women’s theatre company offering hot desks for hire. Hourly, daily and monthly options are available. Some of the facilities and perks of this hot desking spot include:

  • Broadband internet
  • Onsite parking
  • A garden
  • Audio-conferencing facilities
  • Printing
  • Bike storage
  • Wheelchair access

Tea and coffee is complimentary at Clean Break for hot desking members. The nearest train stations are Kentish Town Station and Camden Town Station, both of which are within walking distance of the office space.

Work Hubs - £35 per day

Work Hubs is in close proximity to Euston Station, offering daily hot desking rates. Its office space is suitable for freelancers and small companies. The subscription package at Work Hubs includes:

  • Complimentary WiFi
  • White board
  • Projector
  • Multiple charging ports

Tea and coffee is also complimentary for hot desk subscribers. Lockers and printing are available at a surcharge. Besides Euston Station and Kings Cross Station which are within walking distance, Euston Square Station and Warren Street Station are in proximity to this shared office space.

Bishop’s Gate Financial - £25 per day

At the heart of Finsbury Square, Bishops Gate Financial is one of the UK’s fastest growing consultancies. This office space offers an open plan hot desk area. Some of the facilities Bishops Gate Financial provides include:

  • High-speed internet
  • 24-hour access

The office space is in close proximity to Old Street Station and Moorgate Station. Liverpool Street Station is within walking distance. Hot deskers could also socialise after work at the many restaurants and bars close to the area.

Booking hot desks London has never been easier. On Zipcube you can select from a range of hot desking options that match your needs and budget. We also provide an array of larger coworking spaces, serviced offices and group work spaces.

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