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Meeting Rooms Inverness: Tips and Ideas

  • Have you finalised the number of delegates, clients or other people attending? Most conference rooms can offer some flexibility in terms of capacity, but you'll need to know the rough number a while before the day itself.
  • Which type of layout is best for your needs? Is this a strategy day or a team bonding day? The tables and chairs will have to be set up differently to match different requirements.
  • When is the meeting taking place? Early morning should see everyone arrive nice and fresh, but if they've had a longer commute to get to the meeting space – don't be surprised if attendees are less cheerful than you'd like them to be.
  • Do you have a presentation to give or need to conference dial a colleague in another city? Check with the venue about the sort of technology facilities available in the space.

Still unsure what you're looking for? Trying to decide between a cool and quirky meeting room or a more straightforward option? Check out some cheap meeting rooms and hotel meeting rooms in Inverness if you'd like even more options.