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Are you looking for an Asian wedding venue in London that is truly elegant and luxurious? Do you want to conduct the Saptapadi ritual in a venue which is as momentous and historic as the ceremony itself? If so, you've come to the right place, because Zipcube has a fantastic selection of wedding venues which are perfect for a variety of different Asian wedding ceremonies.

You might be interested in an East Asian or South Asian ceremony, or perhaps you've got a mixture of traditions that you'd like to accommodate as part of your special day. Whatever plans you'd like to make a reality, we can help you to make the arrangements and find a venue that really dazzles your guests. Your wedding day should be unforgettable, and we're here to make sure that's the case.

Which Venues Suit An Asian Wedding?

Although the choice ultimately lays with the bride and groom and their families, asian weddings are often thrown on quite a grand scale and have certain requirements. As such, certain venues might be most suitable, these include:

  • Banquet Halls. Large, spacious and historic, such a venue will add an immediate air of grandeur to proceedings.
  • Outdoor Wedding Venues. The beauty of hosting a wedding somewhere out in the open is that space is plentiful.
  • Unusual Wedding Venues. If you want a space that's atmospheric and large, then a venue which is a little more unusual (i.e. a converted warehouse) might be ideal.

Asian Wedding Venues: Tips and Ideas

Whether you want to bring a touch of Asian culture to a traditional UK wedding, or you plan on making your venue look like a small corner of India, Pakistan or Seoul: look no further. Zipcube can help to make the difficulty of searching for a venue disappear.

  • The specifications of Muslim, Punjabi or Hindu weddings aren't as alien to most venues as you might think. If you need to construct a Mandap or would like an open fire for the the Mangal Phere, you might be surprised how accommodating venues tend to be.
  • The scale of some asian weddings can be a bit of a surprise for some venues, but the larger ones will be expecting an extensive guest list.
  • Are you planning on having a live group of musicians play some Bollywood favourites, new and old? Larger venues are more likely to have a stage and sound system in place to make life easier.
  • Do you want your guests to arrive to the sound of shehnais being played? Be sure to arrange for someone to play the instrument at the entrance, or else try to arrange for some pre-recorded shehnai music to be played over speakers as guests arrive.

Remember that planning is always key to a successful event. Here are some key factors to think through during the initial planning stages: 

  • What kind of budget are you working with? It doesn’t matter if you are a little tight for cash or not, we have venues for everyone! We suggest you try to spread the costs evenly across the venue, catering charges and entertainment.
  • How many people do you plan on inviting to the big day? You need a rough estimate before you can start making enquiries.
  • Most wedding venues can provide catering, but an asian wedding might have slightly more specific requirements. Arranging to get your first choice of caterers is crucial, as you won't want your guests to eat anything but the finest food.

What Kind of Food Is Served at an Asian Wedding?

There is no strict answer to that question, since really this comes down to individual tastes and preferences. Although at Chinese wedding ceremonies, some of the food served can be seen as symbolic in wishing the couple well for the future, most South Asian weddings will simply serve whatever cuisine they most enjoy. It is quite traditional, however, for the bride's family to take responsibility for the catering.

Examples from previous events include:

  • A selection of miniature samosas, coconut shrimp and paneer pakora make for excellent canapés.
  • Popular dishes such as Keema Mattar and Aloo Tikka are frequently served.
  • A variety of desserts from South Asia may feature, including halva and kulfi.

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