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Do you need to hire a great meeting room in Norwich? If so, you're in the right place, because Zipcube's simple search tool will let you find and browse a number of conference rooms and meeting spaces.

Our expert meeting rooms team are also on hand to help with your enquiry, so whatever kind of booking you'd like to make – we can take care of it. Just let us know the times and dates you require and we'll be ready to assist with the arrangements.

Meeting Rooms Norwich: Tips and Ideas

  • Have you decided what time of day to host your meeting? The very early morning and late afternoon are when energy levels tend to flag.
  • It's always a good idea to plan a schedule or running-order for your meeting in advance: this helps everyone to stay on track without getting distracted.
  • If your meeting is due to last all day, it's important to organise refreshments and schedule a few comfort breaks.
  • Does everyone know the address? Make sure to email it around a few days before so that attendees can plan their travel.

Still unsure what type of meeting space to hire? Check out our collection of cheap meeting rooms and hotel meeting rooms as well. If you can find a cool and quirky meeting room which is more suitable, that might be the perfect solution.