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What is more relaxing in the midst of summer, than hiring a conservatory venue in London? These gorgeous glass fronted buildings are a fantastic place to sit back, relax and let the world go slowly by. If that sounds good, then Zipcube can help you find the spot you're after.

Our dedicated party venues team has put together a collection of fantastic spaces which boast all the natural light you would expect from a conservatory or orangery. These venues bring the outdoors inside and let you enjoy the sunshine to the fullest without being disturbed on a blustery or windy day.

If you've got a wedding reception to plan or perhaps a special birthday that you'd like to acknowledge with a smart get-together, then booking one of these fantastic spaces is a great way to celebrate. Our team are happy to help with your enquiry, so if you need any assistance then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Conservatory Venues in London: Tips and Ideas 

  • A conservatory is a fantastic spot in which to enjoy yourself in the summer, but they can get a little too hot during cloudless days where the sun is at its brightest. Speak to the venue and ask whether they have portable fans to place within the structure to increase ventilation.
  • Just because it's autumn or winter, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the glasshouse feel of a conservatory. If you're something of a wildlife lover, the colder months are a good time to watch birds making their way around bird feeders – just arrange for a heater to be placed in the conservatory and you'll be loving life.
  • The acoustics of a conservatory can have a bit too much of an echo, but that would actual suit a small choir or solo singer if you're interested in hiring a performance space for a small concert.

Do you want to look at some other outdoor venues or garden venues? If the beauty of the natural world is your thing, then we can help you find a venue which indulges that love of greenery.

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